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Beneath The Masks Has It's Cast! | April 29th, 2015

Beneath The Masks, (formerly Cos’ We Can), is a documentary film exploring the growth of the cosplay scene in Northern Ireland. It is an independent production, being made on a “zero” budget, un-scripted, and a not-for-profit venture.

Some weeks ago I sent something of a casting call out looking for Northern Ireland cosplayers attending the three main Northern Ireland events this year; MCM, Q-Con, and Showmasters. The response was overwhelming! I never expected quite the reaction I got when I made that first post.

After careful consideration of all the mails and messages I received asking to appear, reflecting on what I wanted the movie to illustrate and portray, and trying to balance each aspect of the film, I finally managed to come up with the “key” cast members.

It has been my distinct honour and pleasure to get to know these guys over the past weeks. And I have no doubt that with the camera following them through this years big three conventions they will do the world of Northern Ireland cosplay very proud!

And that is not to take away from anyone that took the time to contact me over these weeks enquiring about the film. It is the passion and commitment to cosplay that everyone has demonstrated in their communication with me that reinforces the fact that this film deserves to be made!

I look forward to meeting all of you personally and getting some camera time with you as well. Each and every one of you that cosplay are incredible and I am in awe of what you all do!

So, without further ado, I would like to introduce you all to the heart and soul of the documentary film “Beneath The Masks” (in the typical film fashion of alphabetical order):

Joanne Alexander – HedgeScout

Shakiera Barrett – Hawkgirl Belfast

Will Convey – Convey Art

Dermot Devlin – My Way Access

Jordan Ewart

Damien Mallon – Agent Delta Cosplay

Ruairi McAlinden – Hellboy

Courtney McQuillan – Brokenhyperlink

Suzie Swann – Lady Bane Belfast